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Differences between Include Dirst - Compiled x Installed


I have created a project using opencv and CMake. I am using the following in CMake:

find_package( OpenCV REQUIRED )

However, on my computer (OpenCV manually compiled) this points to /usr/local/include/opencv4. Thus, when I use #include <opencv2/core.hpp> it compiles.

I was trying to compile the project on a friends computer (Ubuntu, just apt-get install libopencv-dev). On his computer, this points to /usr/include/opencv. From what I understand, this folder is for the older c-style API, right? His computer has a /usr/include/opencv2/core.hpp, so I guess that in order to be able to #include <opencv2/core.hpp> the include dir should be /usr/include.

How should I proceed in order to ensure this works accross computers (and OS's, since one of the guys at the lab will have to run Windows)?

Thanks in advance!