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opencv2/core.hpp: no such file or directory

Greetings, all i am making a simple c++ program with openCV library included. Eclipse IDE recognises openCV commands and library locations, but when i try to build the project, compiler gives external error, referring to opencv.hpp or core.hpp file calling a "opencv2/core.hpp" path, which does not exist in opencv folder. I figured out that the problem is linked to the way core.hpp is called, but the library files are read-only. From what i saw in opencv.hpp file, this relative "opencv2/[module].hpp" reference is not only for the core, but all other modules as well. There is no opencv2 folder inside the one to where openCV is installed at all, in fact.

I've tried reinstalling and remaking openCV with different making arguments, using a different IDE and including direct search folders in eclipse. The problem, apparently, lies in the files themselves, or the way it maybe gets installed in the system the wrong way. The problem persists on both my main ubuntu machine and the ARMbian orange pi.

i get this error when trying to include any openCV library that contains #include "opencv2/[opencv module].hpp" in it

To those who consider it a duplicate of a 2014 issue with same title, keep in mind that the issue occurs within opencv.hpp header and not my code directly. error occurs in opencv.hpp @ line 52 opencv2/core.hpp: no such file or dir. I think this is because opencv.hpp refers to a relative folder that is lower in hierarchy, trying to find core.hpp in opencv2 folder which oCV.hpp is currently in. to clarify, it tries to find a folder it is already in down the way. Not entirely sure tho, but only clue i have copied from another forum for the sake of simplicity and wider community reach. May you forgive me for being illiterate or making mistakes, cause i just started programming due to a project requirement