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HogDescriptor HEAP crash in c++ VisualStudio2012

Hey community,
I have some issue with the cv::HOGDescriptor in a really basic usage.

vector<cv::Rect> found, found_filtered;
cv::HOGDescriptor hog;
hog.setSVMDetector(cv::HOGDescriptor::getDefaultPeopleDetector()); // CRASH HERE
hog.detectMultiScale(tempFrame, found, 0, cv::Size(8, 8), cv::Size(32, 32), 1.05, 2);

it is absolutely a copy of the example code which runs in XCode but not in VisualStudio 2012.

The error message is HEAP[Project.exe]: Invalid address specified to RtlValidateHeap( 00C80000, 02D51150 ) Project.exe has triggered a breakpoint.

has anyone experience with that kind of problems?
Kind regards