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Get homography to warp image using camera pose obtained from 3D tracking


I currently have a setup with working 3D tracking from which I get the camera position and rotation in Unity3d, e.g using an image marker as input. I would like to do some image operations on the camera image of the tracked object. To start I‘d like to rectify the image. I know that I can do this for example by calculating featurepoints and matches to then use cvFindHomography and cvWarpPerspective. However as I already have the camera pose I‘m wondering if I can use it to warp/rectify the image in a better way? Is there a way to get from the camera matrix to a homography matrix? Or is there some functionality already available for this? In case of an image marker based tracking for example I would like to warp the image to get the marker in the camera image rectified. Thanks a lot!