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Convert yaw, pitch and roll values to rVec for projectPoints.

I'm trying to take a set of images and use projectPoints to take a real world Lat/Lng/Alt and draw markers on the images if the marker has a valid x,y within the image. I have the lat,lng,alt of the image along with the yaw, pitch and roll values from the camera that took the image. My YPR values are in the following format:

  • Yaw being the general orientation of the camera when on a horizontal plane: toward north=0, toward east = 90°, south=180°, west=270°, etc.
  • Pitch being the "nose" orientation of the camera: 0° = horizontal, -90° = looking down vertically, +90° = looking up vertically, 45° = looking up at an angle of 45° from the horizon, etc.
  • Roll being if the camera is tilted left or right when in your hands: +45° = tilted 45° in a clockwise rotation when you grab the camera, thus +90° (and -90°) would be the angle needed for a portrait picture for example, etc.

I have been stuck for a few days on how to take the yaw pitch and roll values to get a valid rVec value for the projectPoints function.

Thanks for any help.