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OpenCVTestCase refactoring

As you know, there are two OpenCVTestCase, one in android_test and another in pure_test, and as hinted in the latter, they should be merged (or renamed and one subclasses another).

I see that also OpenCVTestRunner is in two places, but one is android-related, while the other is in build.xml as Main-Class but it doesn't have main(String [])

On the other hand, TestRunner has somewhat different meaning in JUnit

  • What is the difference between pure_test and common_test?

How about:

  • Rename the pure_test OpenCVTestRunner to OpenCVUtils
  • Remove pure_test OpenCVTestCase and use its logic of loading lena.png, checkkboard.jpg and lbpcascade_frontalface.xml to android_test OpenCVTestCase