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Camera calibration without Z component?

Hello everyone,

I need to calibrate 2 cameras in order to do some image processing (stereoscopy). I have been following the "Camera Calibration" tutorial written on openCV for this ( In the explanation, it is written that we need many different pattern for a correct calibration. As I understand it, I need to take at least 10 pictures (or more), with different positions and orientations of the Chessboard, in order to get a good calibration. Is that correct ?

It is also explained that the Z component of the 3D points from the real world space is always supposed to be 0. I am not sure to understand how we can assume that the Z component is always 0 if we need to move the chessboard between 2 pictures ?

If anyone understands this, please help me out, I haven't been able to find it anywhere...