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Can I use NCS2 (VPU Myriad X) for acceleration cv::StereoBM?

Can I use NCS2 – Neural Compute Stick 2 (Myriad™ X) for acceleration cv::StereoBM and cv::StereoSGBM OpenCV functions in the last OpenCV 4.x versions?

Should I use custom OpenCV(OpenVINO) version?

Note that OpenVINO ships with it’s own OpenCV version.

As known, OpenCV supports OpenVINO that uses Neural Compute Stick 2 (Myriad™ X):

dnn module was updated with Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit from the OpenVINO™ toolkit R4

But can NCS2 be used for cv::StereoBM / cv::StereoSGBM instead of Deep Neural Networks?