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crash on calling meanStdDev with stream?

I am attempting to use a cv::cuda::Stream thread per processing thread in my image processing pipeline. Essentially an image is processed by a thread, where i can have n threads and thus n images processed in parallel. (In my current tests i am only using 1 or 2 threads though).

Each call to cv::cuda functions is being passed its thread's cuda stream. Everything seems to be working until I get to a call to cv::cuda::meanStdDev (the version that takes a stream). I get a crash, something to do with a kernel execution failure.

If i change nothing other than passing those same stream overloaded cv::cuda functions cv::cuda::Stream::Null() as the stream, cv::cuda::meanStdDev does not crash, and gives the right answer.

This is how i am calling the function and interpreting its output.

  double vals[2];
  cv::cuda::HostMem mean_std_hm;
  cvc::meanStdDev(out_gimg, mean_std_hm, m_GpuStream);  
  mean_std_hm.createMatHeader().copyTo(cv::Mat(1, 2, CV_64FC1, &vals[0]));
  double mean = vals[0];
  double stdDev = vals[1];

I checked and both calls (crashing and non-crashing calls) are getting the same image...

Any Ideas as to what might be going wrong?

I am using OpenCv 3.4.3 with the CUDA compilation flag turned on.

Thanks, -Ryan