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about the error in ''

Hi, I'm Kundo.

I'm trying to build OpenCV using the source I downloaded hear '' and '' here with Cmake.

I'm using Windows 10 64bit, Visual Studio 2015 community, and Cuda ver 10.0.

When I try to build OpenCV, the error occurs in '' which causes the error in 'color_detail.hpp' and 'opencv_cudaimgproc' too.

the error says

  1. it needs ')' in line 394
  2. 'texture' is not a template in line 394
  3. there is no global variable 'max', and 'min' in line 69, 73, 77, 235, 239, 243, 70, 74, 78, 236, 240, 244

(sorry I just translated the error message cause I'm not using English ver..)

I have no idea how should I solve this.

I didn't change anything in ''.

thank you.