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Long Distance object detection

I want to detect objects - any object at long distances. To do so, I would like to use several high-powered lasers, with each beam separated by a degree or two. I would flash the lasers and turn them on ONLY on every other video frame (I would synchronize them with the camera). The camera would recognize that it was MY lasers by seeing the laser "dot" or "dots" only on every other frame. Of course, these dots would move in the video field a bit between frames, but not a large amount. I have no idea how to do this in OpenCV, and wonder if it is possible, and if so - how.

Manually using high-powered green and red lasers, I can easily see reflections from trees and houses in broad daylight that are hundreds of feet away. Of course, if the lasers are aimed at open space, there is no reflection. (unless the air is very dirty or foggy). I don't care how far away the object is, only if there is any object at all.