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Dnn.forward crash in Android ndk


I am using OpenCV for Android 4.01. I am trying to use caffe dnn for face detection. I construct a Mat image for the captured image. Then I use haar-based face detection for detecting frontal face and use dnn-based face detection to crop the face contour precisely.

The problem is the application crashes when the application try to execute net.forward(), below is error message:

E/cv::error(): OpenCV(4.0.1) Error: Assertion failed (inputs[0].size[1] % blobs[0].size[1] == 0) in forward, file /build/master_pack-android/opencv/modules/dnn/src/layers/convolution_layer.cpp, line 1119

However the mat data has passed haar-based face detection before it enter dnn-based face detection. I am quite sure haar-based function has no problem.

This is dnn function code:

bool dnnFace(const Mat img, Rect *faceRoi) {

cv::Mat inputBlob = cv::dnn::blobFromImage(img, 0.1, Size(224, 224), mean(img), false, false);


cv::Mat detection = net.forward();
cv::Mat detectionMat(detection.size[2], detection.size[3], CV_32F, detection.ptr<float>());

int height = img.rows;
int width = img.cols;

for (int i = 0; i < detectionMat.rows; i++) {
    float confidence =<float>(i, 2);

    if (confidence > 0.9) {
        int x1 = static_cast<int>(<float>(i, 3) * width);
        int y1 = static_cast<int>(<float>(i, 4) * height);
        int x2 = static_cast<int>(<float>(i, 5) * width);
        int y2 = static_cast<int>(<float>(i, 6) * height);

        *faceRoi = Rect(cv::Point(x1, y1), cv::Point(x2, y2));
        return true;
return false;


This is haar-based function:

bool findFace(const Mat img, Rect *faceRoi) {

std::vector<Rect> faces;
Mat gray, smallImg;

cvtColor(img, gray, COLOR_BGR2GRAY); // Convert to Gray Scale

// Resize the Grayscale Image
resize(gray, smallImg, Size(), 1, 1, INTER_LINEAR);
equalizeHist(smallImg, smallImg);

faceCascade.detectMultiScale(smallImg, faces, 1.1, 2, 0 | CASCADE_SCALE_IMAGE, Size(75, 75));

for (size_t i = 0; i < faces.size(); i++) {
    *faceRoi = faces[i];
    Mat smallImgROI;
    std::vector<Rect> eyeObjects;

    smallImgROI = smallImg(*faceRoi);
    eyeCascade.detectMultiScale(smallImgROI, eyeObjects, 1.1, 6, 0 | CASCADE_SCALE_IMAGE,
                                Size(30, 30));

    if (2 == eyeObjects.size()) {
        return true;

return false;


I have also tested these codes in Visual Studio 2017 with OpenCV 4.01 and there is no crash. Anyone has idea? Thanks.