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Skip frames and seek to end of RTSP stream


I capture and process an IP camera RTSP stream in a OpenCV 3.4.2 on Raspberry Pi. Unfortunately the processing takes quite a lot of time, roughly 0.2s per frame, and the stream quickly gets delayed.

I don't mind if I skip some frames so I'm looking for a way to seek to the end of the stream before capturing and processing the next frame.

vcap = cv2.VideoCapture("rtsp://{IPcam}/12")

    ret, frame =
    time.sleep(0.2)              # <= Simulate processing time
    cv2.imshow('VIDEO', frame)
    if cv2.waitKey(1) == 27:
    vcap.seek_to_end()           # <== How to do this?

How can I do that vcap.seek_to_end() to catch up with the stream, discard the missed frames, and start processing the most current one?