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Cascade Training - nneg setting with prepared negative images

I have created a few cascades already but would like to further refine them to remove false positives.

Assuming I have prepared 1000 hard negative images ready for my cascade and they are all cut to the correct window size as set in the trainer what value do I put in for nneg in the trainer?

Should this be the 1000? or 1? My understanding is that nneg is negative windows and not the same as the number of negative samples I provide. The trainer will attempt to grab 'nneg' number of negative windows from the images I supply, so where I have provided 1000 correctly sized samples what should I set this value to?

A further level on this question - if I have some larger negative images in addition to my 1000 pre-cropped images in my negatives folder does this mean I need a different nneg value?

Any insight appreciated.