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Featuretracker: OpenCV has been compiled without SIFT support


I tried runnign the "hybridtrackingsample" example (from the contrib module) and got an "OpenCV has been compiled without SIFT support" exception. I looked trough the "featuretracker.cpp" file and added #include "opencv2/nonfree/nonfree.hpp" and initModule_nonfree(); , however that just gives me another error: undefined reference to `cv::initModule_nonfree()'. I think it has something to do with the order in which the modules are compiled or linked, but I'm new to C++ so I got stuck at this point.

Here is the full error message i get when running cpp-example-hybridtracker: "OpenCV Error: The function/feature is not implemented (OpenCV has been compiled without SIFT support) in CvFeatureTracker, file /opt/opencv-, line 58 terminate called after throwing an instance of 'cv::Exception' what(): /opt/opencv- error: (-213) OpenCV has been compiled without SIFT support in function CvFeatureTracker"

Hot to reproduce:

Build opencv >= 2.4, make sure to also build the examples. Run the cpp-example-hybridtrackingsample with the live parameter.

Any ideas on how I could get the featuretracker to work ?