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Newbie - Trying to Learn Some Terminology so can Lookup How to do

I just learned about opencv and it looks like something I might be able to use. I don't know anything of Python or opencv or java. I'd like to at least get a few clues if opencv is something I might be able to use.

What I have in mind involves a little video camera trained on a usually unchanging scene. I'd like to compress it and then analyze it a number of ways to detect a change of one sort or another. Some of types of things I'd like to analyze for are:

Compressed bandwidth data rate. In the event the scene doesn't change the data rate will stay pretty flat. In the event something happens in the scene the data stream rate will to up as there is more information to.

Analyze the stream for color

Analyze the stream for changes in intensity, saturation, lighting.

I'm looking for first what terminology to search for to learn how to do this, any snippets of code or examples on how to do this sort of thing. I see in the Opencv documentaiion that the text for video analysis does not exist.

Thanks in advance.