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Cannot Reproduce Results of Feature Matching with FLANN Tutorial

I installed OpenCV 3.3.1 on OS 10.11.6 using MacPorts. I copied the code from the tutorial from I copied the images from (and box). I built and ran the executable, but got poor feature matching that did not look like the image shown on the tutorial page.

Is the tutorial code possibly out of sync with the sample result images, or is there a problem with OpenCV 3.3.1 in MacPorts?

The reason I'm asking is that I was writing my own OpenCV code to perform feature matching, but could not get good performance, even when tuning threshold parameters, trying different matching algorithms, etc.--so I backed up from my code to the tutorial, and discovered I'm still seeing the same poor results. I get unreliable feature matches that look like a lot more like random correspondences.

Can someone verify whether the tutorial is working as advertised? I'm trying to isolate what my problem is.