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stereo rectify incorrect result

Hi i am new to computer vision and also to opencv.

I am trying to rectify a stereo images with the following workflow:

  1. Calibrate left and right camera with "calibrateCamera" on both images.
  2. "stereoCalibrate" using the camera matrix and distortion coeff found in the previous step as the input (fix intrinsic flag)
  3. "stereoRectify" using the camera matrix, distortion coeff, rotation- and translation-matrix from the previous step.
  4. "initUndistortRectifyMap" using the output from previous steps
  5. "remap" using the output from previous step

After remap I got a weird result, the images are not rectified at all. These are the images I used:

  1. img1.PNG
  2. img2.PNG

These are the result:

  1. result1.png
  2. result2.png

I think I made a basic mistake but I don't know what. Could anyone clarify me?

Thank you in advance!