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cv::remap on two different systems

I have an issue with cv:remap. I have code supposed to run on two different systems:

  1. MacOS, OpenCV 3.2
  2. Windows, OpenCV 2.4.13

The code is supposed to run on both systems, that's why I'm testing it on both.

At one point in the code, I'm using cv::remap on a 24-channel CV_32F image. This works perfectly on Mac/3.2, and fails with an exception on Windows/2.4.13. The exception even tells me what is wrong: Apparently, on the Windows/2.4.13 combo the image mustn't have more than four channels for cv::remap.

I find this documented nowhere, and I don't know if it's a Windows or 2.4.13 restriction. In either case: why?

I temporarily fixed the issue by splitting into channels, then loop-remap, then merge again, but this is way less elegant.