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How to obtain an 'approximate' true color from an image in different lightning conditions?

I'm working on an app that can detect the 'true' color from a specific paint (or an approximate). So for example if I paint a wall with a specific red color (RGB values given by the manufacturer of the paint) I'd like to get this information given any particular (but not extreme) lightning. For example if my room is illuminated with a yellow light, or if is dark I'd like to get the approximate manufacturer RGB values of the color on the wall. A first step I did is to apply white balance to the image. However because of the lightning the values needs still to be calibrated. As a solution I tried to apply CLAHE on the resulted white balanced image, but the colors get darker (and away from the values that I need) and often can be similar in values but other times the values from different environments are not similar. I can't find any articles to read about how to do this. Does anyone have any idea on how to tackle this problem?

Thank you!