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Real Object Comparision with 2D drawing

I am building a mobile application for QC in industrial use. The application will work as follows:

  1. Open the Mobile app and select 2D drawing.
  2. Camera of mobile will provide image frames.
  3. Pattern Matching will happen between the camera frames and 2D drawing.
  4. If the holes in the objects are of same number and at the same place as 2D drawing, it will be QC passed.
  5. If the number of holes in the objects are not matching the physical object in 2D drawing, it will be QC rejected.

I am new to OpenCV and wanted to first know if its possible to achieve it via open CV, if yes, what would be the best algo/method to be used.

I have attached the real object Image and 2D drawing image for reference on what I am trying to achieve. Real Object Image:image description 2D Drawing of the object: image description Mobile App Screenshot with overlay: image description