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OpenCV2.4.2 crash when calling solvePnP()

I'm using openCV 2.4.2 with Qt 4.8.0

when i use the solvePnP function ,i get a error when i start the program ,it says "can't not find the entry point" ,about the libstdc++-6.dll

if i don't use solvePnP ,everything work fine.

so i compile openCV2.4.2 from source ,use compiler minGW 4.4 from qt , and get the library of debug and release version

it work with the debug version ,but crash with release version

i try to change option of makefile(use CMake 2.8)

  1. use static library -- fail to link
  2. change optimize level from O3 to O2 --still crash
  3. disable SSE & SSE2 -- crash

any idea? thanks for reading.