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Reed Knot Recognition

Hello everyone =)

I'm a Bachelor student from Switzerland in mechancal engineering and I'm looking for a solution in a project. I have to say, that I have no experience in OpenCV and I am only looking for an answer if OpenCV would be worth learning for that application.

So let's get to my problem: In the project I have to build a machine, that cuts reeds in a specified length and positions the knot in a specific position (normally the end). To position the knot I somehow have to recognise it and have my controller be able work with a position of the knot.

Here's a link to some pictures of (already cut) reed pieces to make you clear what I'm talking about.

Now my question is: Would OpenCV be able to recognize these knots with a high reliability while the reed is moving with ~0.2 - 0.4 m/s,

Thanks in advance for your effort