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memory consumption while training > 50GB

I try to train opencv to recognize a licenseplate. I have prepared some samples (few thousands), prepared vec file successfully and run opencv_traincascade (parameters below). After few minustes i had to stop the process due to the memory consumption that hit 16GB of my RAM and more than 50BG of (dynamic) swap. I have tried to run it with fewer examples, lowered the resolution of negative images. I last try runs were as below but without success (the same memory consumption).

opencv_createsamples -vec positive.vec -bg negative/IMG_5596.JPG -num 200 -maxxangle 0.4 -maxyangle 0.4 -maxzangle 0.2 -w 533 -h 117 -info info.dat 

opencv_traincascade -data result -vec info.dat -numStages 200 -w 533 -h 117 -bg bg.txt

(If needed i can provide all files i use to train opencv). Neither precalcValBufSize nor precalcIdxBufSize did't help.

I use OpenCV 2.4.5, build it myself from sources, MBP 2013, OSX 10.8.4

All suggestions what I may be doing wrong or how to train opencv appreciated. Thanks in advance.