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calibrateCamera - MSFT LifeCam 3000 HD - Sensor Technical Details

I am trying to use the calibrateCamera function to calibrate my MSFT LifeCam 3000 HD webcam.

In order to do that, I understand that need to know fx and fy (the focal lengths of both the x and y axes).

However, I am having a tough time finding that information out.

The only technical data from the spec sheet appears to be:

1) "fixed focus from 0.3 to 1.5mm";

2) "Field of View - 68.5 deg diagonal field of view".

The camera does have a 16:9 aspect ratio.

There is no information about the size of the sensor, manufacturer, etc.

I even tore one of these cameras down but the sensor is tiny and there are no markings on the chip itself.

I am following this example for the calibration process, which I have seen recommended.

Am I doing this right? Any idea on how to get the information?

Thanks for any help.