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Problem in the result of kNN


I have been working with kNN in OpenCV.

I simply passed some (x,y) coordinates as samples data for kNN and their index as responses. Then I gave a (x,y) value to find the nearest neighbour ( I took this case to visualize it easily). It works fine if k=1. But when I pass k=3, i get weird result. As per my knowledge, knn.find_nearest() returns following things:

retval - I don't know what it is results - It has the label of nearest neighbour. neighborResponses - labels of k nearest neighbours with distance in increasing order. dists - Their corresponding distances in increasing order

In short, results and neighborResponses[0] should give the same result, right? But I am not getting it. See some examples below:

result    neighborResponses           dists
[[ 1.]]    [[ 19.  16.   1.]]        [[  36.  293.  338.]]
[[ 2.]]    [[ 24.   2.  21.]]        [[ 306.  490.  557.]]
[[ 1.]]    [[  4.  10.   1.]]         [[  65.  185.  464.]]

See, the result shows not the one with lowest distance. Why it is like that? Or did I understand it wrong ?