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getting part of the element of cv::findChessboardCorners


I'm trying to get, the recognized points of the function cv::findChessboardCorners, let's say I got a 10*10 chessboard , I want to get the position of all localised points with this function even, if they're less than hat they should be (100) , any Idea how can I do this ?? here a small code of what I'm trying to do :

        std::vector<cv::Point2f> imagecrons;
        cv::VideoCapture cap(0);
         cv::Mat frame;
        cap>> frame;
        cv::Size board(10,10);
            cap >> frame;
        cv::findChessboardCorners(frame, board, imagecrons);
        std::cout << "image Points \n"  << imagecrons << std::endl; // I get either nothing or 100 ??