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Cmake Errors

Hi guys, I'm using CMAKE-GUI to configure and generate the files for installing OPENCV and link it with my Qt 5.8. I'm doing it on a Ubuntu 16.04 system, using opencv 3.2.0 and opencv_contrib 3.2.0

Apparently I'm having several errors related to the opencv_contrib usage. I've already Configurate OPENCV using CMAKE-GUI, without the CONTRIB modules and everything went all right. But I've tried to add the contrib modules a few times and was never able to do it. So, I've uninstalled everything and I'm doing it from the scratch.

I'm still having several errors and I didn't find any help to them so far. I'll be linking the several errors below.

CMake Error at .../opencv-3.2.0-source/cmake/OpenCVUtils.cmake:1005 (file): file MD5 failed to read file ".../opencv/opencv-3.2.0-debug/3rdparty/protobuf/": Sucess Call Stack (most recent call first): ../opencv_contrib-master/modules/dnn/cmake/OpenCVFindLibProtobuf.cmake:32 (ocv_download) ../opencv_contrib-master/modules/dnn/CMakeLists.txt:5 (include)

Downloading ... CMake Error at .../opencv-3.2.0-source/cmake/OpenCVUtils.cmake:1043 (file): file DOWNLOAD cannot open file for write. Call Stack (most recent call first): .../opencv_contrib-master/modules/dnn/cmake/OpenCVFindLibProtobuf.cmake:32 (ocv_download) .../opencv_contrib-master/modules/dnn/CMakeLists.txt:5 (include)

CMake Error at .../opencv-3.2.0-source/cmake/OpenCVUtils.cmake:1047 (message): Failed to download . Status= Call Stack (most recent call first): /h.../opencv_contrib-master/modules/dnn/cmake/OpenCVFindLibProtobuf.cmake:32 (ocv_download) .../opencv_contrib-master/modules/dnn/CMakeLists.txt:5 (include)