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IplImage vector in C++/Clr

I have converted a console application of a OCR application to a windows form application.The program runs accurately on console application but after converting it gives error for the vector that I have used to store image set.I have changed the configuration properties to Common Language Runtime Support (/clr) and I changed the header file cliext since clr does not support for std/vector. This is my code.But still it has errors.

ref class Segmentation { public:
    IplImage *PreprocessedImage;
    cliext::vector<IplImage *> Lineimgs;
    cliext::vector<IplImage *> Characterimgs;
    Segmentation(IplImage *);
    IplImage* Resize(IplImage *);
    void Horizontal_projection(int,int,int,int
    int Vertical_Projection(int,int); };``

Error is, Error 1 error C3225: generic type argument for 'TValue' cannot be '_IplImage *', it must be a value type or a handle to a reference type C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\include\cliext\vector 14 1 Prototype 3

Please help me with this problem.Thank You