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Recommended Detector for this kind of image?

Hello, I'm looking for advice in detecting this specific image:

image description

This will be used as a "Delimiter" so there will be 2 of these (one above and one below) which will tell me what area to crop from my current video feed.

image description

To picture how the video feed looks like. Image placing one of these markers on a table with the arrow pointing down. Then a few cms beneath there will be another marker with the arrow pointing up.

First I'm uncertain if the best approach is using a Feature Detector. But i think it's the right way to go since the video feed will not be looking straight from above most of the time, but instead with a bit of an inclination.

The detector that OpenCV seems to suppor are:

  • "FAST" – FastFeatureDetector
  • "STAR" – StarFeatureDetector
  • "SIFT" – SIFT (nonfree module)
  • "SURF" – SURF (nonfree module)
  • "ORB" – ORB
  • "MSER" – MSER
  • "GFTT" – GoodFeaturesToTrackDetector
  • "HARRIS" – GoodFeaturesToTrackDetector with Harris detector enabled
  • "Dense" – DenseFeatureDetector
  • "SimpleBlob" – SimpleBlobDetector

Among these detectors, both SIFT and SURF are out of the question since they are not free.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.