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Can the maximum stereo disparity of 128 be increased?


I've built a high-resolution stereo camera (two Prosilica GC2450-C cameras running at full-res), and I'm obtaining beautiful point-clouds that require both min_disparity and disparity_range to be set to 128. Unfortunately, I need to lengthen the target object such that I need disparity_range higher than 128. I'm using ROS's stereo_image_proc, which uses OpenCV for the stereo matching. The slider for disparity_range maxes out at 128 in stereo_image_proc.

I'm wondering if OpenCV allows for disparity higher than 128. Is there a way to hack around that maximum (or if 128 is a fundamental maximum in the stereo code). If it can be hacked, do you have suggestions for how to do so? I'm a mechanical engineer trying to code, so sorry if this is a noob question.