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UMat/Mat lifetime warning

Hi, I'm currently trying to port my OpenCV 3.1 code to make use of OpenCL by replacing Mat objects with UMat and make adjustments accordingly. Now I saw the following warning:

! OPENCV warning: getUMat()/getMat() call chain possible problem.
!                 Base object is dead, while nested/derived object is still alive or processed.
!                 Please check lifetime of UMat/Mat objects!

What does this actually mean? I had a look into the source code of umatrix.cpp and saw that in the destructor the warning is shown when u->refcount is zero and u->urefcount is greater zero, but also when both are zero.

I'm not at all familiar with the in-depth implementation of OpenCV let alone the ocl part of it, so I have some trouble understanding what I'm doing wrong, so I would highly appreciate any related hints, thanks!