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Stitching: how to get camera translation into bundle adjustment?

When examining the stiching module it appears to only be setup for a rotating camera. In theory can it be modified easily for a rotating and translating camera?

I think it is in the bundle adjustment that this would need to be done because in the Brown and Lowe paper which describes the stitching module it states:

The new image is initialised with the same rotation and focal length as the image to which it best matches. Then the parameters are updated using Levenberg-Marquardt

Is this where effort should be made to make the camera rotate and translate (this is all new to me)?

Within the bundle adjustment can I just initialise the next image with the last images rotation combined with a best estimate on translation? Somehow that doesn't seem right to me as I've read about cost functions etc. Do I need to do something actually inside the bundle adjustment code?

I'm quite lost here and googling hasn't turned anything up. I'm very new to this though so perhaps I'm searching with the wrong terminology. If anybody has any suggestions at all even it is just some term to try googling it would really help.