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Bicycle detection with opencv library in android

I am very new with opencv. My project is to detect bicycle using opencv or any other open source library in android. I can successfully run the sample project of opencv and import in android studio using another. Then I have tried to achieve my goal by replacing the xml from raw directory with /latentsvmdetector/bicycle.xml but it shows unsupported character in xml and crashed the application. After that I have researched almost every link. Many suggest that it is a complex task and it needs to use Latent SVM. But I am failed to find the way how to use this in my project. I don't get any suitable example of Latent SVM in android. I have also tried to build the cascade xml from positive images(1600) and negative images(600) data set from but failed to build it with some opencv error. I am really very confused what is the suitable way for this task. I think if I get any sample project to detect such complex object in android then I can be able to complete my task. Any link or sample code will be really appreciable. Thanks every one for your kind attention.