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Best practice to modify source code

This is not really a normal question here, but I would like to know :

What the best way to modify source code ? And can I have advices on how to do it ?

1 - Is it better to change code in source and build OpenCV as write in this tutorial.

2- Or it easier to create a new class and just rename function to don't have conflict.

The problem is if I use the (1) when I'll use the next OpenCV version, I'll need to re-build it again so maybe it not the best way.

And for (2), the problem is more about the include that can be a really hard thing to deal with.

And I want to maybe use this modification soon, so that why I don't want to ask as a new feature for next OpenCV version.

I would like to implement the "probabilities estimates" into SVM.

As explain here.