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Opencv_dnn >> can't load network ResNet-101

Hello. I have found that ResNet-101 cannot be loaded by opencv dnn module. When try to load this message appears:

[libprotobuf ERROR C:\Programming\3rdParties\opencv310\opencv_contrib\modules\dn
8] Error parsing text-format caffe.NetParameter: 33:26: Message type "caffe.Laye
rParameter" has no field named "batch_norm_param".

OpenCV Error: Unspecified error (FAILED: ReadProtoFromTextFile(param_file, param
). Failed to parse NetParameter file: ResNet-101-deploy_augmentation.prototxt) in cv::dnn::ReadNetParamsFromTextFileOrDie, file C:\Programming\3rdParties\opencv310\opencv_contrib\mo
dules\dnn\src\caffe\caffe_io.cpp, line 1101 C:\Programming\3rdParties\opencv310\opencv_contrib\modules\dnn\src\caffe\caffe_io.cpp:1101: error: (-2) FAILED: ReadProtoFromTextFile(param_file, param). Failed to parse NetParameter file: ResNet-101-deploy_augmentation.prototxt in function cv::dnn::ReadNetParamsFromTextFileOrDie

So, it is clear that it is because: "caffe.LayerParameter" has no field named "batch_norm_param". But, what I supposed to do to solve this? Any ideas? Please, help me.