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3D object Tracking

I have a task where i am asked to track parcels(carton boxes) of different dimensions moving on a conveyor

I am using Asus Xtion pro camera mounted on top of a conveyor in any inclined angle.r

I have read so many model-based methods where we need to create a model of the object to be detected and then we perform keypoints extraction,feature mapping and so many other concepts between the scene and the model. Since i am using Boxes of different dimensions, i definitely need a model of each of them to match with the scene. I don't want a model based tracker because, i need to create separate models of a box of all dimensions that my tracker will track.

My question : Is there a model free object tracker that will detect boxes in the scene,calculate its dimensions and gives their 6DOF and track them? My target object is just a box and i want to eliminate all other things in the scene.

Thanks in advance