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usbtv007 driver for capturevideo

i have an usb analog video converter based on usbtv007 chipset (EASYCAP). I connect on it a PAL analog camera.

It works nearly properly with "mplayer tv://". Video has few half white lines running on image, and around the moving part of the image. The displayed and used driver is V4l2.

If i use opencv with python, the video is really worst with latency in addition. When i use in place an usb webcam with same setup (640x480, 20fps), i get a good video quality.

I supposed it is not due to raspberry speed, and I believe it is a driver issue. But i dont know which driver i have to use, and how to use it with opencv.

Do you have any advice on usb video converter and driver to use with opencv ? Thanks to help me not to be lost anymore.