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Opencv 3.1 and Visual Studio 2015 (cannot open file 'opencv_calib3d310d.lib')

Hello there, I followed the Installation by Using the Pre-built Libraries article (I didn't make my Own Libraries from the Source Files), the Set the OpenCV enviroment variable and add it to the systems path article (the link to pathEditor was dead so I downloaded form somewhere else) and the How to build applications with OpenCV inside the "Microsoft Visual Studio" article using the local method, with the provided code example but I get an Error LNK1104 cannot open file 'opencv_calib3d300d.lib' . I really cannot understand where the problem is. I also noticed that

1 opencv_calib3d300d.lib

2 opencv_core300d.lib

3 opencv_features2d300d.lib


lib files do not exist in my pre-built library. I'm on x64 platform in my Solution and in Debug mode, and logged in as administrator. Thank you.