Opencv 3.1 build error

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Hi, I am trying to build opencv-3.1 from source using Visual studio 2013. I have followed the procedure of installing opencv-3.1 from

When building it from VS 2013 in debug/release mode, it gives following build errors:

Error 5799 error LNK1104: cannot open file '....\lib\Debug\opencv_cudaobjdetect310d.lib' C:\opencv3\opencv\build\samples\cpp\LINK (TUTORIAL) imageSegmentation

opencv_cudaobjdetect310d.lib is creating problem.

And many more like this.

My laptop: Win8.1 64 bit, Nvidia Geforce 940M Graphics Card, Cuda tookit 7.5, Python 2.7.12, Numpy 1.11.1.

I want to build opencv with CUDA only, so please somebody help in solving my issue.

My CMake Configuration Output is:

Windows RT support: NO

GUI: QT: NO Win32 UI: YES OpenGL support: YES (glu32 opengl32) VTK support: NO

Media I/O: ZLib: build (ver 1.2.8) JPEG: build (ver 90) WEBP: build (ver 0.3.1) PNG: build (ver 1.6.19) TIFF: build (ver 42 - 4.0.2) JPEG 2000: build (ver 1.900.1) OpenEXR: build (ver 1.7.1) GDAL: NO

Video I/O: Video for Windows: YES DC1394 1.x: NO DC1394 2.x: NO FFMPEG: YES (prebuilt binaries) codec: YES (ver 56.41.100) format: YES (ver 56.36.101) util: YES (ver 54.27.100) swscale: YES (ver 3.1.101) resample: NO gentoo-style: YES GStreamer: NO OpenNI: NO OpenNI PrimeSensor Modules: NO OpenNI2: YES (ver 2.2.0, build 33) PvAPI: NO GigEVisionSDK: NO DirectShow: YES Media Foundation: NO XIMEA: NO Intel PerC: NO

Parallel framework: Concurrency

Other third-party libraries: Use IPP: 9.0.1 [9.0.1] at: C:/opencv3/opencv/3rdparty/ippicv/unpack/ippicv_win Use IPP Async: NO Use Eigen: YES (ver 3.2.8) Use Cuda: YES (ver 7.5) Use OpenCL: YES Use custom HAL: NO

NVIDIA CUDA Use CUFFT: YES Use CUBLAS: NO USE NVCUVID: NO NVIDIA GPU arch: 20 30 35 50 NVIDIA PTX archs: Use fast math: NO

OpenCL: <dynamic loading="" of="" opencl="" library=""> Include path: C:/opencv3/opencv/3rdparty/include/opencl/1.2 Use AMDFFT: NO Use AMDBLAS: NO

Python 2: Interpreter: C:/Python27/python.exe (ver 2.7.12)

Python 3: Interpreter: NO

Python (for build): C:/Python27/python.exe

Java: ant: NO JNI: NO Java wrappers: NO Java tests: NO

Matlab: Matlab not found or implicitly disabled

Documentation: Doxygen: NO PlantUML: NO

Tests and samples: Tests: YES Performance tests: YES C/C++ Examples: YES

Install path: C:/opencv3/opencv/build/install

cvconfig.h is in: C:/opencv3/opencv/build

Configuring done

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opencv_cudaobjdetect310d.lib is just for debug.

Dean Feng gravatar imageDean Feng ( 2016-07-17 21:35:20 -0500 )edit

True, but what is the solution?

AAkash gravatar imageAAkash ( 2016-07-18 01:15:47 -0500 )edit