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OpenCV to Java Desktop beginning a simple face detection and recognition project

asked 2013-03-20 15:40:01 -0500

Yasser Lima gravatar image

updated 2013-03-20 15:40:32 -0500

Hey guys, i have some simple questions, i'm a beginner in the programming world and i'm trying to use OpenCV to build an Face detection and recognition app.

I intend to build the following:

1 - the webcam is turned on, the capted image is displayed in the screen showing a rectangle around the detected face;

2 - The detected face image is stored to be used in comparisons later;

3 - The program shall be able to detect and compare(recognize) the face detected to the previously stored face images;

And that's it.

I'm a little bit lost, so here goes some questions:

Details: I'm using Eclipse in Windows 7.

1 - How do i include a haar cascades xml into my project?

2 - How do i train the haar cascades in java (Which classes can help me)?

3 - How can i activate my webcam and capture video with openCV?

4 - How can i make the face recognition in real time?

5 - How can i take a picture with my webcam using opencv?

6 - How can i make the face recognition with the previously stored face images?

I'm sorry if i'm asking too much, but i know nothing about C++(the "native" language of OpenCV i guess) and i must do it in Java, i know it's too much questions(some of them might be stupid) but i didn't found any tutorial or questions that could help me.

Anything that can be answered will help.

Thanks in advance.

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answered 2013-03-20 15:52:32 -0500

berak gravatar image

besides the actual face recognition not yet being available in desktop java (wait a week or two),

this tutorial seems to have most of what you want, like camera access and face detection.

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no camera access as I saw

gli00001 gravatar imagegli00001 ( 2013-03-27 12:26:09 -0500 )edit

Any news to face recognition In Java?

Jay gravatar imageJay ( 2013-08-05 16:24:08 -0500 )edit

answered 2013-08-05 16:24:52 -0500

Jay gravatar image

Any news to face recognition in Java?

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not really, unfortunately

berak gravatar imageberak ( 2013-08-05 16:26:25 -0500 )edit

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