Using background-subtraction to track moving objects [closed]

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I'm trying to use background-subtraction to track moving objects, but thus far I'm not able to get good results. I made use of an algorithm very similar to what is given here:

I use the boundingRect() of each of the contours to get foreground ROIs, but the results are not fantastic. Among other things:

  • Sometimes there are little rectangles at the edge of some high-contrast division. Maybe I should just ignore ROIs that are smaller than some size?
  • Sometimes the entire frame (or half the frame) gets flagged as foreground. What's going on here? Lighting change? Any way to detect eliminate these false-foregrounds?
  • How to track the same object over multiple frames? Since the ROI size-position can change drastically it's hard to connect them from one frame to the next and be confident it's the same object...

Any help or pointers would be appreciated.

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