Template matching optimization (matchTemplate)

asked 2016-05-31 02:44:54 -0500

sbaush gravatar image

I'm writing an algorithm that uses template matching function provided by OpenCV. I'm interested in normalized cross-correlation (NCC) method.

I noticed that the performance of the OpenCV algorithm is not so good as I expected.

I read "OpenCV performance on template matching" on stackoverflow (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/71...), in particular the Chris's answer that is very deep and interesting.

I also read a lot of paper about new techniques that perform NCC template matching faster than FFT/DFT.

Is in your opinion the machTemplate function implemented in OpenCV library the best implementation in terms of performance?

What is in your opinion the best paper that I have to use to re-implement a the template mathing function in a faster way? (or do you know if it is available a faster implementation?)

I tested also pyramidal approaches, but I'm interested in template matching without resize.

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