camera calibration

asked 2016-04-26 05:32:53 -0500

Hello, I am working on camera calibration and i used the camera calibration file from opencv and calibrated using the chess board placing at different locations in my required FOV(3x3m). But as i was moving away from camera and the re-projection of points does not happen properly i could find some points missing or wrongly projected on chess board. C:\fakepath\146166638451191.jpg

and i am getting the avg. re-projection error around 4 and after finding the camera and distortion martices. I am using the undistort function and result seems to be C:\fakepath\cam2.firstxml.jpg

I am not satisfied with the results since the position of the ball in pixels seems to be incorrect.

Can some suggest an alternate way to find a ideal camera matrix and distortion matrix? Is it required to place the chess board at different locations at far away from camera? just placing the chess board infront of the camera with different angles so that the camera is calibrated.

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