Blob Tagging with ID's in OpenCv Python

asked 2016-04-14 12:02:46 -0500

kartik gravatar image

0 down vote favorite I am currently making a python code for people headcounting with direction. I have used 'moments'method to gather the coordinates and eventually when it crosses a certain line then the counter increments.But, this method is proving to be very inefficient. My question regarding the blob detection are:

  1. Is there any blob detection technique for python opencv? Or it could be done with cv2.findContours? I'm working on raspberry pi so could anyone suggest how to get blob library on debian linux?
  2. Even if there is, how could i get a unique ID for each blob? Is there any algorithm to provide tagging of UNIQUE ID's? If there's any better method to do this, kindly suggest an algorithm. Thanks in advance.
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