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Open CV 3.0 Face recognition and edge detection in Visual Studio 2015 C++

asked 2016-04-11 20:52:44 -0500

prasanth_ntu gravatar image

updated 2016-04-12 01:15:32 -0500

I wanted to do face detection and recognition in Open CV 3.0 running in Visual Studio 2015 C++. Though I was able to do face detection using sample programs available in internet, i am quite uncertain on how to setup and run face recognition.

When I tried to follow the instruction given in above weblink, i was stuck in creating a database and csv file. Can someone advise me on how to prepare the data and the CSV file and how to specify the db location in the program.

In addition, the programs written in previous openCV versions like openCV2.4 are not working properly in openCV3.0, like the one shared below.

Can anyone advise me on how to fix these issues or share some resources relevant to OpenCV3.0 face recognition in Visual Studio C++

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answered 2016-04-12 05:35:44 -0500

berak gravatar image

with opencv3, the face recognition code was moved to opencv_contrib

if you want to use it, you will have to update your main opencv to latest master (3.1, currently), and rebuild both from src (see the opencv_contrib readme for details)

then, there are updated samples here.

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