How to store images in SQlite database with opencv java ?

asked 2016-03-21 13:11:02 -0500

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Hello sir/mam , My project is offline Signature Recognition.In my project, I will first capture the 5 training image of signature and that training images proceeds to image processing and match its features after that these 5 training images matched with one reference images. But my question is How to store 5 training images in SQLite database and how to retrieve it ? so , please help me .....

This is my Project Requirement : Front-End :: Eclipse (Android) Java Back-end :: SQLite Database and Opencv

please help me .................

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@Teju1106, Did you have any results with your project?

sengsational gravatar imagesengsational ( 2017-05-17 11:08:41 -0500 )edit