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Reference footage for people

asked 2016-03-02 05:11:26 -0600

Hello everyone, I am building a passenger tracking system and have gotten pretty far :-) my system can detect already lots of different things id say mostly 75% accuracy but what i wanted to ask was if someone knew of any place i can gather reference footage from top down perspective, face , heads ..etc i can find lots of, but not top down.

I would like to avoid playing the creeper and shooting footage in subways or crowded areas to get a lot of footage.

Or alternatively if someone has a haar cascade library with lots of references :-).

Best Regards, Bob

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answered 2016-03-03 04:54:00 -0600

Start by taking a look at the collections of computer vision datasets out there, like on this, this or this page.

As for top down viewpoints, how about the

Seriously, if you start googling on pedestrian surveillance datasets, you will find tons of those!

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Asked: 2016-03-02 05:11:26 -0600

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