How to decode an h264 IP stream using the GPU?

asked 2016-02-24 20:56:01 -0600

SuperJ gravatar image

I need to decode 4 1920x1080 IP camera streams (multicast) that are encoded in H.264 as fast as possible using a GPU. The problem is it seems there is no support for this. The VideoReader_GPU class does not accept IP addresses like the VideoCapture class does. I tried to use the VideoCapture class function grab() to get a frame that is not yet decoded and pass it to the GPU for decoding however this does not work because grab() returns a bool and does not allow me access to the frame to pass it to the GPU.

I installed openCV (on CentOS 6) specifically for this project and was able to successfully play a video file using the GPU by using the example in samples/gpu/video_reader.cpp. So far I have tried modifying this example as described above to take in a stream with no luck.

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