Super Resolution gives error with CUDA or with TVL1

asked 2016-02-24 06:12:10 -0500

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updated 2016-02-24 06:14:28 -0500

I tried running the super resolution OpenCV sample. I built OpenCV 3.0.0 with CUDA on my 64-bit machine. The function cv::superres::createFrameSource_Video_CUDA gives the following error

OpenCV Error: The function/feature is not implemented (The called functionality is disabled for current build or platform) in throw_no_cuda, file C:\opencv\source\modules\core\include\opencv2/core/private.cuda.hpp, line 101

So, it uses createFrameSource_Video function to get the input. Also, other CUDA functions work fine. Just the above one gives an error.

It works fine with the farneback Optical flow algoritm but does't work with others. For example, the function createOptFlow_DualTVL1_CUDA gives the following error

OpenCV Error: Assertion failed (allocSize == allocations.back()) in `anonymous-namespace'::MemoryStack::returnMemory, file C:\opencv\source\modules\core\src\cuda_stream.cpp, line 99

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